sho [Ohh]

Remember me?

Hey journal, do you remember me?
I still check you every week.

tons of things happened in 2014 and since last time I updated here. I miss updating, but one of my new year reslutions is to get back to blogging and keeping myself active online its true that I became a person who speaks less, expresses very less.. but that should change

I'm not in Japan, but I'm typing this while sitting on a kotatsu *hohoho*.
planning to sleep early and wake up around dawn to enjoy a full day, pardon my English its starting to sound weird because I'm not using it as much
sho [Ohh]

Before welcoming March!

I decided to post on February !

How's it going ? ~ How's it going ?~ 調子どうですか?
Yesterday I gathered with my friends after a long time not doing so , and fully enjoyed it !

Didn't really have much things to say , which leads me to realize why I haven't been updating my journal lately f37
I'm trying to dedicate my time to ace the final semester + I'm catching up with the anime/drama lists I have!

You can add me if you're interested , check my progress out !
My Anime List
My Drama List

I'm up to date with Naruto manga , which I consider a great effort of mine!
I can see the ending coming soon ..
but I'm so excited! I also fight my need to pre-order the movie DVD Blue-Ray box 2 months before the release date !

ok .. maybe I have things going on in my life other than college and I need to focus on them once in a while .. hmm...
*notes to self*
Oh! and there is this fact that I'm staying home way too much

Summer is almost here again , and yet I don't think I experienced winter this year
~ might sound random but let me tell you a little about Sophie! my cat .. she's almost a Hachiko !
She follows me everywhere I go , even when she's asleep and I go outside of my room she wakes up and goes outside to sleep where I'm around

when I'm changing my clothes she sits right in front of the door waiting for me to open up! mom showed me a photo she took of her "gazing into the door waiting for me to open it" , one time I was sleeping outside the next day mom called telling me "Hurry and get back , your cat has been searching for you since last night! she looks miserable "

Ok , this is the first time I actually experience this kind of feelings coming from a cat ! I mean I've always raised cats but none of them was this much attached to me !

Thank you Sophie for your honest feelings !

sore jya
I might include photos next time when I finish my stuff .
Syoran [Flowers]


Yesterday I had this dream ..
I was in Japanwith my family and we were heading to Fukouka driving a rental car .

we stopped by a shop on the way , Mom was looking for a change then I started craving mochi !
Me : Excuse me do you have momochi?
Women : Yes do you want some?
Me : Yes please (apparently I was thinking momochi is a peach mochi?in my dream)
Women : *hands me an empty plate with Sakura petals carved on it*
Me : umm..*asks the girl standing beside me* what should I do with this?
Girl : Oh you have to wait for the mochi to get ready :D

so they didn't had any in stock ! and I had to wait for a while as my family started getting angry
but I wanted to try mochi and takoyaki ..

then the girl told me it's illegal to sell mochi in here  , we are not allowed !
b-but the women started making some alread , why didn't you tell me before :O

voooshhh-- ! I woke up without trying that so called momoch
Teppei [in colors]

22 I've became ~

Howdy !

I've got some good updates ~
First of all , 01.10 was the day I turned 22
sounds like an adult-ish ag
Thank you everyone for the warm wishes and confessions ! also early present

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 11.50.01 PM
Thank you Windows live mai

2nd . Speaking of windows I've finally switched into Mac !
I've waited sooooo long for this and finally it arrived at the 9th right on my Birthday ev
made sure I get the features I wanted and waited for ~ now I'm deeply in love *dances*
الـحـمـد لـلـ

3rd . I'm DONE with the first semester and currently on a 1 week brea
now on my Anime/Dorama/Manga marathon , I've read Dengeki Daisy and for a shoujo manga I actually find it interesting !
and because I'm outdated with anime websites could anyone recommend me a good site ? for subs/episodes/wallpapers!

Everyone enjoy your holiday and for people who are still having exams do your bes
Ohno [thoughtful]

1st week of my last year

Yesterday was my first day of my last year as a CS student (Insha'a Allah) 
after this year I'm expected to graduate 

Finished a 3 months (10 weeks) summer training  and started college immediately and supposed to work on a graduation project for 2 semesters regarrdless the final report and presentation we've got to submit about summer training .. 

The good part is , I promised myself not to get stressed about it and try to benifit from it as a "last year" ~ creating good memories perhaps  ?

I know it wont be that easy since I developed a real hatred towards university but I'll try and give myself a pace to try to enjoy it .

On the other hand , since I semi-completed my Tsubasa Reservoir Chroncile manga set I've been reading it like crazy I wish I could read books the way I read manga only 3 volumes left for me now

I'm re-shipping Fai x Kurogane  
and I've realized how different the anime was from the manga , anime seemed more of a younger teens show but the manga was more serious XD something I can read without feeling bored ! but I've gotta ay the OVA was real business not like the tv series ! it was exactly like how the manga felt with improved graphics and everything !  

*off to read* Hope you're all doing well ~ 
Syoran [Flowers]

Happy Eid ❤

Tomorrow is Eid f37 .. Ramadan is over  

 Alhamdullilah , I am very thankful for I was able to achieve one of the goals I've set to myself this month 
This Eid I'm going to wear a onepiece dress   if I have to admit it I feel a little shy about it  I might still not be used to wearing dresses but I'm a girl after all so .. *glups* I'll try not to do something awkward 

 say ~ I haven't really talked about Managa nor Anime since .. I don't even remember last time I did ! 
we went to Dubai for 3 days last week and I was able to go toKinokuniya where magic happens ~ my favorite spot
I bought new volumes of Manga  and I met kadori_chan  she's so sweet I was so happy to meet her we had so much fun that day !!  Thank you Kado chan if you were ever reading this 

 soshite soshite soshite !! I met Penguins !! real ones !!! king pinguens were there too !! unfortunatly we were not allowed to take photos but I was fighting my inner sycho self not to break the rules and drag a penguin to play with.. I mean personally XD
but they let me hug one 
yatta ~  
*I'll try to crop some photos they took of us and upload them later on*
ok back to the Manga talk   so I've been reading BAKUMAN and I'm really liking it so far it's very very good !!

it inspires me so much , the spirit of fighting for a dream awakens my desire of making a manga one day 

specially that I found myself lately back to drawing and illustrating (I still suck but I want to be capable of drawing the type I love)
COPIC markers ! I have been using them recently , they're magic

Super awesome for someone who fails at coloring like me , they're so much of a help but also cost so much

and I've just seen the latest episode of Naruto and I can cry for Iruka sensei is a sweet-heart